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def: that which is absolutely necessary in the treatment and care of the whole person (mental, physical, social, financial and spiritual wellness).

Three Simple Steps to a Healthier Life & Lifestyle

The "A.E.D." is a lifesaving device, but this new definition has simplified our lives, saved us money, and greatly maximized our families health. We did this in 3 simple steps and you can too! Increase AWARENESS, ELIMINATE what isn't serving you & then DOTERRA-IZE your lifestyle!


Our intention is to help you make informed choices while empowering you and those you care about. Before we can even do that, we need to explore what we are doing, bringing into our lives and homes that is hurting not helping our overall wellness.


Start today and join us as we go room by room, in this fun and interactive video course, sharing tips on how to simply move to a safer, cheaper, more holistic lifestyle. Let's eliminate the toxic products that are causing the issues like they were for us. Learn from our struggle.


Let us guide you on a wonderful journey filled with like-minded people who simply want answers to the "ROOT" cause of their physical and emotional challenges, not just a pill to mask the symptoms. A natural approach to your future is empowering because you are in full control!

Do You Have A REYL Man in Your Life?

Check out REYL Men!

  Here is the invite: We can rise as men to do better and change the spelling and definition of a REYL man! The invite is open, watch to see how REYL can benefit your highest self, the REYL you!

Let's Get REYL!

Are You A Health Or Wellness Professional Wanting to Learn More About...

The Validity Of Essential Oils

Register for this FREE webinar on holistic health education specifically for medical Professionals.

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How to Incorporate Essential Oils into Patient Care

Together, we will dive deep into the science and research about essential oils.

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Busy Professional On The Go?

Check out the Holistic Professionals Podcast full of incredible interviews!

Education is both a passion and part of our mission! For many reasons but one of the most important is so that other parents and families to have the same choices that we now enjoy!

Every month we host a wide variety of classes on different topics taught by some of our amazing wellness advocates. Knowing this is bigger than us drives us to empower other parents and families toward an empowered life, with control of their own health and financial future! If we had a way to help you move closer to all of this, we feel it is our responsibility to share that hope with you.

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Create The Life You Dream Of 

” Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” 

-Harriet Tubman

As Essential Oil Wellness Advocates, we have transformed not only our physical health, but also our financial health.

Ready to access all of the trainings we have used to successfully support hundreds of wellness advocates build the business and life of their dreams?

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Our passion for helping people discover natural ways to live a more joyful and holistic life drives us each day. We are privileged to support a diverse team of amazing individuals aligned in this cause, we call them the Hōlistic Essentials tribe. Regardless if you are a happy customer or sharing the message of wellness with the world you are part of our tribe!

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